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Need Money to pay rent by the end of the month. Please Help!

The Newtons started this conversation

Hi, I am in a financial twist right now. My husband had gone to school to be a CNA. While in the class for 6 weeks we got behind in rent. I had to go out and find a job and leave my 2 children at home with my sister. My job paid 6.15 an hour. Our rent is $558.00. My husband is now out of school looking for a job, he found one, and now we get paid every 2 weeks, our next pay check is August 25th. It will only be Almost 500.00.We need to come up with $1400.00 by the end of this month or we will get evicted. I have 2 childrens a 2 year old and 4 year old. Our family wont help us out, churchs wont help us. This is our last resort. Please if you could help us we would deeply appreciate it. Thank you and God Bless....

Tya and Bob

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 in response to piggy...   thank you piggy's I was about to post my problem on here till I read you're message. I do believe and this is just what Im going to do. Casting all my worrys on him and he will lighten my load. I know this but with you're message highting me in the face tells me to stop searching around and go to him. God Bless you.
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Help me please!! This is hard--I have never begged for money. I need 450.00 TODAY! I need it for rent. I am awaiting decision from Social Security Disability -- In the meantime I am waiting also for temporary assistance from Social Services. That money won't come in until January 6th. I need to give the landlord 450.00 tomorrow! Please, please, help me. I can pay it back in January. This is tough, but I am scared to answer door tomorrow.
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god bless all of you cast all your worrys on him he will lighten your load have faith for god so loved the world that he gave his oney begotten son so whoever beliveit in him sall not pearish but have ever lasting life john 3;16

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 in response to HelpMePlease711...   why life is so hard at time?
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 in response to HelpMePlease711...   


I am sorry to hear your mom passed and you have been left alone. I can't say for sure if you will get help with money here as many here are strapped for money but I can give you information. First off check here for food banks and there is a place for shelters too.


Some shelters have programs and computers to help you get back into the work field. You will have to check to see which ones are near you that offer that or a place to stay as no city was indicated., and you can sign up for job alerts coming to your email from

Shelters may give you a place to stay and here is information about getting your GED in Colorado.


And check your local adult education and school district for information on getting your GED. It is never too late.

Good luck 


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I doubt anyone here gets helped.

But I am desperate. Which I shouldn't be, I'm only 19 years old.  I should be living with my parents and going to school.But it isn't like that. I've been living on my own since my mother passed away when I was 15. I've moved so many times, I can't keep count. I was not able to finish school, since I move every year. 

Now, I just laid off about a month ago, and my rent is due in a week. I've been looking for a job everyday, yet I can't find anything. No one wants to hire a kid who never finished school... My rent is 575.00 a Month (excluding Ult). I have no food, I eat when I can. Sometimes I steal food from the store.  I live in Colorado... I hope someone really helps my prayers. I've done this for almost 5 years, my life is ruined if this messes up my credit. I have no family, as you can see. That is why I've been living on my own for so long.

I feel as if I am better of dead then alive at this point. I'm not happy, at all.  

How do I deal with this? I have no education, no money, no one to turn to. My life...gone. Before it even began.. I can't do this.. not any longer.

I hope someone, please, please.  God...this is sad. Asking for help, as if I am some low life. No one even cares... 

7 days until rent is due. 7 days to make a choice on what I will do with my life.

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need money to pay rent before eviction put out. need of$1700 to keep us from getting put out. please help me.  I am an artist and will paint for you according to the amount given to help me.

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 in response to no2cancer...   


I am sorry about your friend getting splint cancer. If he is still under treatment? You can check my blog here

and look for the word Cancer as there is help with medication and some other information plus possible assistance.

You can try

I  hope that help some. Did you call 211 to see about any type of assistance he might be able to receive? And it seems to me his doctor should have ideas about any possible cash and medication assistance that might be available to him.  

Can your friend get ssi or ssd??

Good luck


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My name is Santos, Lost my job due to my BF was diagnosed with splint cancer 6 month ago and I had to be with him going to his doctors appointments and Chemotherapy,  we had have some help from family and friends but also  we need help from good people like you, we are so behind in bills, please help us. God Bless You.  $1.00 or whatever you can help with, it will make a huge difference.


my paypal id is  

Thank you and God Bless You!

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have you tried applying for emergency assitance through HUD?  If you have 2 children and you were only making minimum wage,and assuming the husband doesn't make too much, then you should quailify. You also might qualify for ongoing assistance, you should definelty check it out.

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adam joseph

my name is adam and i'am an collage student with nowhere to go. trying to my life around but am finding it to hard to make it threw school and keep a roof over my head. i wanna do right, but my life is becoming just to much for me to take on by myself. i'm 28 years old and have been threw hell more times than i can count. my life is one nightmare after another. when i first started going to collage i thought i was starting a new life. since my first day of class tell now i've only passed maybe 40% of my classes and it's not that the work is hard cause it's not, it's just that my life has so much drama that i can't take on everything that gets thrown my way. I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!! 

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I am 29years old and i have 3 children a single mother i am trying to pave the way for myself and my children i lost my job and i am not able to pay my rent and plus provide for my children i have been seeking work but due to the background that i have as far as my criminal record which limits me to certain jobs these charges happen when i was younger like a about 18 years old now that i am trying to do the right thing in life socirty has made it hard for me to do so i need assistant with my rent i pay 1050 a month and i also want to get a good paying job that will give me a chance in life i live in the tampa florida area

please if you can help i will appericate it i keep god first in my life and stay in prayer

god bless

if you want to contact me you can contact me at

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Hello, My name is Marina and I am 48 years old and have 3 children, 2 of them are married and in ok situation financially. And one is 18 who works with so little money. My story is a little different than all of you.  I used to have lots of money at some point. I had the dream job. I was the Financial Coordinator for a very big/huge company. About 3 months ago I decided to pay off all my bills and car payments and credit cards which equalled 35K. I did not care of leaving some for bad days since I had the most secure job and was making about 65K/year. SO I paid off all my debts and started saving all over again. In November 2007 my boss called me to his office and told me that he was so happy with my job and that he decided to give me a promotion, He offered me 80K/year.  I was the happiest creature on earth and that was the reason I decided to pay off all my debts.  I was so sure of what was going to happen, good things of course.  December came and no raise, January 08 started and no raise.  So I went to ask him, he told me this: Marina, I had hired someone else to take over your job, and we won't need your services. I felt that the enitre world had turned his back on me. I was so depressed/sad/down. But I did not give up, since Jan 11, 2008 and I am looking for jobs. No one is offering me any, I am an accountant, I do taxes too. I am getting jobs that pays only $15-$17/hr. I can't afford living in my house, I pay $1650.00 per month for rent.  I could afford it before because I had a good job.  I paid my February rent, but for March I don't have any money left.  I asked for help, no one could help me.  All I need is a job. A JOB will do it, I hate begging for money, but I have no choice now, I need help, I am hoping that someone will offer me some help, may be a job, all I have now is $52.00 how funny when I had thousands.  God bless my boss, I pray for him, he will get it soon.

If you would like to talk to me please contact me via email at:

Hope I will hear from you soon.


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Hello my name is Tiffany.  I lost my job in November of 2007 because the store shut-down.  I have been in search of a job, but have had no luck finding one, but since then I have been attending college for the first time since I've graduated high school in four years.  I do not have any children, but I do desperately need help financially especially with my rent right now.  I have been unable to pay my bills for the last six months or so because I have been having financial trouble, and losing my job just made my situation worse.  I am curently looking for a part time job to pay my rent and bills, but have been unable to find one that fits my needs with my school schedule.  I also have a hard time because my car is not always very efficient for me to get back and forth to school.  If anyone can help me in any way, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank You, and God bless you.  Email:

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I am a single mom of two boys who fell into a financial bind when I ended up in the hospital for a week. Now my landlord is threatening to evict me if I do not come up wit my rent of $1,000.00 in 10 days. Please help I can't let my children lose their home.

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hi my name is trina and i need help pay mt rent and light bill and i have 2 kids 8 years old and 9 months and i am having a baby my rent is 600.00 and i am bhind 1.490 and my lihgt bill is 347.15 and my light are going to be trun off.could u you helpt hanks so much i am going to school to be a cna

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hello my name is Santiago Muñoz, i need money (about 5.000 usd) but i don´t have money and job i´m from Ecuador and in this country is very dificult survivor good people send me money to Ecuador via delgado travel Santiago Muñoz phone 2 411 603 Quito Ecuador i need the name that people who send me the money (to email) please i need money to star my company thanks


hello my name is Santiago Muñoz, i need money i don´t have money and job i´m from Ecuador nd in this country is very dificult survivor good people send me money to Ecuador via delgado travel Santiago Muñoz phone 2 411 603 Quito Ecuador i need the name that people who send me the money (via mail) please i need money to star my company thanks


hello my name is Santiago Muñoz, i need money i don´t have money and job i´m from Ecuador nd in this country is very dificult survivor good people send me money to Ecuador via delgado travel i need 5.000 usd but i accept some Santiago Muñoz phone 2 411 603 i need the name that people who send me the money please i need money to star my company thanks